Three Ways To Get Your Cash Bid Data Into Our Apps

Grain elevators come in all different sizes and everyone handles their cash bid data just a little bit different. At Silo we recognize this difference and now give grain companies three different ways to get their content into the app. Here is a quick overview of the three methods:


  1. Automated: We take your automated feed, whether it is created internally or available from a third-party source (i.e. AgriCharts) and automatically put it in the right format the app needs. This requires no extra effort daily on behalf of the elevator.
  2. Fully Manual: For those that don’t utilize a third-party source and have not built anything internally we offer an option to enter custom cash bids, change, and basis for each location/grain/month at your company. Publish only when you want to make custom updates.
  3. Manual Basis + Automated Futures: For those without a third-party cash bids source we offer an option that blends manual and automated processes. Using our Silo Admin platform, simply enter the basis for each location/grain/month and we will automate the cash bids in the app to reflect the changes to the futures price.

All three of these methods produce the same easy-to-use cash bid pages in our apps that we have become known for. For more information on these three methods, give us a call at 402-770-1654.