Grain elevators come in all different sizes and everyone handles their cash bid data just a little bit different. At Silo we recognize this difference and now give grain companies three different ways to get their content into the app. Here is a quick overview of the three methods:


  1. Automated: We take your automated feed, whether it is created internally or available from a third-party source (i.e. AgriCharts) and automatically put it in the right format the app needs. This requires no extra effort daily on behalf of the elevator.
  2. Fully Manual: For those that don’t utilize a third-party source and have not built anything internally we offer an option to enter custom cash bids, change, and basis for each location/grain/month at your company. Publish only when you want to make custom updates.
  3. Manual Basis + Automated Futures: For those without a third-party cash bids source we offer an option that blends manual and automated processes. Using our Silo Admin platform, simply enter the basis for each location/grain/month and we will automate the cash bids in the app to reflect the changes to the futures price.

All three of these methods produce the same easy-to-use cash bid pages in our apps that we have become known for. For more information on these three methods, give us a call at 402-770-1654.

Silo will unveil Silo Insights and the entire Silo Platform at the 2015 NGFA Country Elevator’s Conference in Kansas City on Dec. 6-8. Silo will have a booth in the 100-booth tradeshow to give demos of its all-inclusive app platform for ag cooperatives. The Silo Platform brings a turnkey solution to cooperatives and provides a new opportunity for co-ops to communicate and better market to its members. Using existing feeds, the Silo Platform enables cooperatives to launch an app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices without any upfront or ongoing work by the cooperative.

Silo will be in booth 426 throughout the conference or can be reached directly to setup a demo at 402-770-1654. Silo President Jeff Abele will be managing the trade show throughout the convention.