Silo Insights

Apps + Numbers

Cooperatives thrive on logistics and numbers and we think that whatever mobile solution you choose should provide the stats and analytics you are accustomed to. With Silo Insights you have the ability to get up-to-the minute data on how your app is performing with advanced analytics that are sortable and filterable to give you the data you are looking for.

Silo Insights is also the home for sending all the alerts that aren’t automated as part of our system. This includes custom location alerts and emergency alerts that can go to all app users.





We designed Silo Insights to be a dashboard for your coop on-demand. And because our software requires no day-to-day management by your coop staff, this becomes a great tool that can easily be used at the executive level.

To schedule a demo of Silo Insights and the Silo App Platform call us at 402-770-1654.