With minimal up-front costs, a low monthly fee, and short contract terms, there is little risk to get started. Here are some specifics on how each app is priced.

Minimal Up-Front Fee

To get the app up and running a small up-front fee is required to start the design and launch the first version of the app. This process typically takes just 6 weeks.

Low Monthly Fee

Once the app is launched, a low monthly fee will be charged based on the number of features the cooperative app is taking advantage of. Call for a quote today to get a full menu of features (402-770-1654)

Short Contract Terms

We feel so confident in our product, we allow you to commit to only 1 year of service. We understand an app can be a big commitment for many cooperatives and so we want to help ease you into the process. At the end of year one you may choose to adjust the features offered, we have not yet had a co-op stop a contract.

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